Why PVI Hotel Group

PVI HOTEL GROUP was founded in 1979 and headquartered in Belmont, California. A privately held company with a proven record of intense management and financial success in the hospitality industry.

Company Vision

The company's vision is to provide guests with "a truly exceptional experience". Simply put, associates must implement the six PVI principles:

1 Pride - act like you own the hotel
2 Guests' needs come first
3 Listen, then accommodate
4 Follow up
5 Respond promptly and
6 Surprise with the unexpected

PVI Hotel Group, Inc Advantages

  • Management Focus is Regional focusing on the states of CA, AZ, & OR
  • Northern California Office
  • Southern California Office
  • Provides for much better knowledge of local market and more intense management
  • Experience with operating Independent and Franchised branded properties
  • Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Hilton, Best Western, Radisson, Sheraton
  • Experience in successfully managing properties during cyclical economic periods
  • Management philosophy stresses both increasing top line revenue as well as aggressively managing operating costs
  • Establishing entrepreneurial environment with General Managers to create ownership culture within each property

Sampling of Management Achievements

  • Best Western Truckee Tahoe Inn - Ownership group total distributions over life of the partnership equaled $13,397,500 providing an average annual rate of return of 50.1% and compounded return of 25.95% over the 18 year management period
  • Holiday Inn Express Mill Valley - Provided average rate of return of 30.45% and compounded return of 25.7% over the 14-year management period.
  • Toll House Hotel - Provided compounded before tax rate return of approximately 49% over the 11-year management period.
  • Opera House Event Site - Sale proceeds to the ownership group equated to a total profit of 194.4% and an annual rate of profit of 111.1% over the 21-month management period.